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Mini SU Carb Needle H6 850 998 1098 and 1070


   This is a H6 fixed needle for the SU 1 1/4 inch HS2 and 1 1/2 HS4 carbs
Fitted as standard to the 1070 Cooper S twin 1 1/4 HS2 carbs
Fitted as standard to some 850 single 1 1/2 HS4 carbs
Also good as a rich needle in standard or lightly modified 970 or 1070 Cooper S (twin carbs)
Also good for a standard 998 or modified with a cylinder head and a mild cam  (twin carbs)
Also good for a 1098 engine as a rich needle or with a modified head / exhaust / air filter..(single or twin carb)
we can do many different needles ..the only way to set the fuel mixture perfectly is a session on a rolling exhaust gas annaliser can do a reasonable job
So this needle is only a starting point and will need the mixture adjusting to suit the needs of your engine...

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  • Manufactured by: S.U. Burlen fuel systems

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