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Mini Rose Jointed Bottom Arms Adjustable


As used on Group A rally winning cars....this type have a threaded sleeve welded on the end, into this goes the Aurora CM8 rose joint.....adjustment is done by removing from the ball joint and turning the rose joint in or out.....when fitted to the bottom front suspension these give you adjustable arms....which means the camber can be set to what you like and and differences can be compensated for...this helps the handling...... The amount a wheel leans in or out at the top is called "camber".... When the top of the wheel leans inwards towards the centre of the car it's called negative camber; typically a necessary set-up for competition or hard driving..... Negative camber at the rear can be just as important as the front and standard cars can be as much as 2 degrees positive...which is not bolting these arms in place to provide adjustment of camber from the original setting.....which will improve cornering ability .... The rose joints (spherical rod ends) give you a precision joint which results in better feel and more positive feedback to the driver and better handling....Sold as a PAIR ie 2 arms as pictured complete with joints, lock nuts, and spacers...

We also list the forged ones...


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