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Mini Pistons 998 Road / Race +40 Top Quality


   These are a top quality high silicon squeeze cast piston ...they are as much at home in a race engine as the road....will take compressions upto 12:1...the oil ring grooves have holes drilled at the back which is much better than slots which are weak...can be used with or without circlips (so will fit both conrod types)...As they are made from a far higher grade aluminium than most high performance pistons, and have a much higher silicone content, this combined with advanced heat treatments creates a more stable piston....this dramatically reduces expansion under combustion/running lower piston to bore clearances are required.... Suggested finished honed bore to piston clearances are as follows Road/fast road - 0.0015 to 0.0017" Fast road/rally - 0.0018" to 0.002" Race/sprint - 0.0022" to 0.0025"

They are a flat top piston of plus 0.040 inches ....Can be used on A Series and A plus engines including 998, 1098 ,997 and 998 Coopers......the price is for ONE piston with rings as pictured....they come with full instructions as to clearances and ring gaps / fitting....We have used these to win the Ministox racing championship, so we know they are brilliant.

They measure 0.250 from top of ring land to crown and 1.022 from top of wrist pin to crown
top...they will fit ALL 998 conrods A series and  both A+ rods...either fully floating or interference fit.

All come with rings, wrist pins, and circlips

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  • Manufactured by: Made in England

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