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MINI Cylinder Head Details

MINI  Cylinder  Head  Details

Casting  Numbers, Valve Sizes, CC  and Vehicle  Fitment   
Casting Number    Inlet Valve           Exhaust Valve         Chamber cc          Vehicle Fitment

2A628                      1.0625/26.99       1.00/25.4                  24.5                         850, 998 Mini, 948 Sprite
2A629                      1.0625/26.99       1.00/25.4                  24.5                         948, A35, Morris Minor
12A1456                  1.0625/26.99      1.00/25.4                  24.5                          850, 998 Mini, 948 Sprite
12G202                    1.156/29.36        1.00/25.4                  26.1                          997 Cooper, Austin 1100 Square inlet ports
CAM4180                1.0625/26.99      1.00/25.4                   25.5                          998 Mini  A+  (note 3)
12G206                   1.218/30.93         1.00/25.4                  28.3                          Early 998 Cooper, MG1100 Square inlet ports

12G295                   1.218/30.93         1.00/25.4                  28.3                          998 Cooper, MG1100 Square inlet ports
12A185                    1.401/35.6           1.22/31.0                  21.4                          Early Mk1 Cooper S
AEG163                   1.401/35.6           1.22/31.0                  21.4                          Later Mk1 & Mk2 Cooper S

12G940                   1.401/35.6           1.15/29.2                  21.4                          Stamped 12G1805 behind thermostat - MG1300, Austin 1300GT & Mk3 Cooper S
12G940                   1.401/35.6           1.15/29.2                  21.4                          1275GT, Austin 1300, MG Metro, Late 1275 A+ &  Turbo (note 2 & 3)
12G940                   1.312/33.33         1.15/29.2                 21.4                           Early 1275 A+ (note 1 & 3)
12G940                   1.312/33.33         1.15/29.2                 21.4                           Single point injection, 12G940B cast at clutch end (note 3 & 4)
12G940                   1.312/33.33         1.15/29.2                 21.4                           Multi point injection, painted black with LDF10… cast at clutch end  (note 3 & 5)
   1)  All  12G940 A+ head castings despite all having the 12G940 casting number look considerably different in appearance to the earlier A series ones. Starting with some late mini 1275GT’s in 1979 and in 1980 with the Metro the A+ 12G940 head became sculpted with sunken cast areas / smaller flat areas and lost the main flat area behind the thermostat housing. All  A +  1275 engines and cylinder heads have the strong red colour and the smaller engines were all the hideous  yellow colour, this applied to both the Metro and Mini ranges, This paint is almost impossible to remove fully even in a hot caustic engine wash tank…
   2)   The MG Metro Turbo and Mini ERA Turbo both have the same valve sizes as other  12G940 variants but have 8mm stem diameter sodium filled exhaust valves, for improved cooling of the valves. They also have a thinner deck thickness.
   3)    A+ heads have three collet grooves in the valves and the collets are 14 degree cone taper instead of 10 degree on single groove collets from the A series and the spring retaining caps have a raised ridge around the collet hole. 1
   4)    SPi Single Point injection  heads have no heater tap valve port bored through, no bypass hose  and no tapping for water temperature sensor
   5)    MPi  Multi Point injection heads are the same as the SPi but with the flat area for the alternator bracket, with 3 bolt holes below the thermostat housing.

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