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Mini Engine Size & Power

Mini Engine Size & Power


This list gives the bore and stroke in millimetres of each standard Mini engine, be it A series or A +. It is also designed to give you a guide to the power and torque output to expect from any standard Mini, please bear in mind these are factory figures and as such will be the best you can expect, that said they are also realistic. So if you take your Mini for a tune up on the rolling road, (which is always a good idea), these are the sort of figures you should be aiming for in standard tune. You may also find the rolling road figures can vary due to atmospheric conditions and you should always use a reputable rolling road, with an experienced operator, that should ensure your Mini will be working to the optimum, be it road, race, rally, hillclimb or any other competition Mini. For overbores and bigger engines see the other chart, this covers them all from 848 to 1600cc.

62.9 X 68. 26    33bhp @ 5300rpm    44lb ft @ 2900rpm    1969-80: Mini 850 & Mini City
34bhp @ 5500rpm    44lb ft @ 2900rpm    1959-69: Austin Seven    Austin & Morris Mini
1961-62: Riley Elf & Wolseley Hornet

70.6 X 61.91   65bhp @ 6500rpm   55lb ft @ 3500rpm    1964-67: Austin & Morris Mini Cooper S

62.43 X     81.28    55bhp @ 6000rpm    54lb ft @ 3600rpm   1961-64: Austin & Morris Mini Cooper

64.58 X    76.2    38bhp @ 5250rpm    52lb ft @ 2700rpm   1962-69: Riley Elf & Wolseley Hornet
1967-80: (Austin & Morris) Mini
1969-75: Mini Clubman
41bhp @ 4850rpm    52lb ft @ 2750rpm    1969-80: Mini Clubman (auto)
55bhp @ 5800rpm    57lb ft @ 3000rpm    1964-69: Austin & Morris Mini Cooper
998cc  A + SPEC 1980 on
39bhp @ 4750rpm    52lb ft @ 2000rpm    1980-82: Mini 1000 / City / HL
40bhp @ 5000rpm    50lb ft @ 2500rpm    1982-88: Mini HLE / City E / Mayfair
42bhp @ 5250rpm    58lb ft @ 2600rpm    1988-92: Mini City / Mayfair

70.6 X 68.26   70bhp @ 6000rpm   62lb ft @ 4500rpm    1963-64: Austin & Morris Mini Cooper S

64.58 X  83.72mm   45bhp @ 5250rpm   56lb ft @ 2700rpm    1975-80: Mini Clubman
1979-80: Mini 1100 Special
48bhp @ 5100rpm    60lb ft @ 2500rpm

70.6 X 81.28mm    54bhp @ 5300rpm    65lb ft @ 2550rpm    1971-80:      Mini 1275GT
58bhp @ 5250rpm    69lb ft @ 3500rpm

1275cc  S  Spec    

76bhp @ 5800rpm    79lb ft @ 3000rpm    1964-71: (Austin & Morris) Mini Cooper S

1275cc  A+ Spec    
50bhp @ 5000rpm    66lb ft @ 2600rpm    1992-2000: Mini Sprite / Mayfair
61bhp @ 5550rpm    61lb ft @ 3000rpm    1990-91: Mini Cooper
63bhp @ 5700rpm    70lb ft @ 3900rpm    1991-1996: Mini Cooper 1.3i / Cabriolet
63bhp @ 5500rpm    70lb ft @ 3000rpm    1997-2000: Mini Cooper 1.3i (MPi)
72bhp @ 6000rpm    73lb ft @ 4000rpm    1982-89: MG Metro
77bhp @ 5800rpm    80lb ft @ 3000rpm    1991-2000: Mini Cooper S 1.3i
78bhp @ 6000rpm    78lb ft @ 3250rpm    1990-91: Mini Cooper S
86bhp @ 5400rpm          82lb ft @ 3200rpm         1994-1996 Mini Cooper Grand Prix
93bhp @ 6130rpm    85lb ft @ 2650rpm    1983-89: MG Metro Turbo
96bhp @ 6130rpm        1989-90: Mini ERA Turbo


John Cooper Garages offered a number of factory-approved upgrades to the last few years of standard Coopers. The conversions had a full Rover warranty, and could be fitted by Rover dealers.

Type    Max. Power     
S pack (carb.)         77bhp        
1st Si pack (SPi)    77bhp      1997 Si pack (MPi)   85bhp @ 5500rpm
2nd Si pack (SPi)   82bhp      1999 Si pack (MPi)    90bhp @ 6000rpm
3rd Si pack (SPi)    86bhp

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