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Retro Minis Ltd.

We have been restoring, building, modifying, servicing the Mini and supplying parts and Mini since 1979 whilst competing and building competition motorsport winning cars and both engines and gearboxes since 1981.

We specialize in the more difficult to find, unusual, early and go faster/stop quicker tuning mini parts for all Minis with A series engines and the A plus.

If your engine is 848, 948, 970 S, 997 or 998 Cooper, 998, 1071 S, 1098, 1275, 1275 GT, S or Turbo or bigger, everyday, road, shows or competitive motorsport, we can help with parts.
rETRO MINIS ONEWe only sell high quality mini parts. Some are NOS (New Old Stock), some genuine AP, Rover, Unipart, Lucas, ARP (Advanced Racing Products), APT (Advanced Performance Technology),KAD (Kent Automotive Developments), MOWOG, BL, Leyland, some are authentic reproductions using materials at least as good as the originals (sometimes even made using the original tooling).RETRO MINIS PICTURE TWO

We also list a number of stainless steel products to help you improve your Mini, make it easier to work on and last longer - we are members of the 'self preservation society' too!

Whatever Mini related items you are searching for - we can help - advice is free.... You are safe in the knowledge that we only supply high quality parts, which we fit to our own cars.




Retro Minis - helping you build the dream.



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